Welcome to SPRO

Our organisation seeks to locate and document apparent paranormal phenomenon through the application of extensive historical research, scientific methodology and coupling this with knowledge of ancient spiritual beliefs in a professional manner. We also aim to provide an education service for those interested in the paranormal area, or from the paranormal community. This site therefore will be used as an ongoing educational resource so please use it as such.


We do not call ourselves "ghost hunters" or anything like that so if you're looking for that kind of group, I'm afraid we're not it. Scientifically we know there is no evidence that the paranormal exists (take a look at Conjectures and Research for more explanation of this) and even though we may all believe something does, belief isn't verifiable scientific fact. Any equipment we use will be accompanied with full training - not just in the tool itself but also in what we will be measuring and what it means - and mostly, we do not use a lot of the "usual" equipment.


We will never use - or endorse the use of - ouija boards, planchettes, mediums, psychics, dowsing rods, pendulum crystals,  iphone or android apps or anything else of the sort. We've got absolutely no issue with people or other teams believing in what they want to, but when they make claims they can't prove, defraud or willingly mislead people...that's where we have an issue. We know of a few teams that don't do this but sadly, they're overshadowed by those who do. And to those that don't: Keep it up. 

If you'd like us to visit your home or place of work, please contact us. We do not charge for anything we do as - for us - this is a hobby and source of interest. You can read more here.

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