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If there's one thing we absolutely love doing, it's research. Due to our personal beliefs and thoughts, we're currently studying all the beings that the Celts and Norse believed in, as both of these cultures had incredible similarities. 


Believe it or not, the Celts especially had beings responsible for paralysing people in their sleep and praying on them sexually - features that we acknowledge today as both succubus and incubus or for some "psychic vampires". It's a pity early christianity didn't keep the stories and legends of the time but either destroyed them outright or rewrote them because so much of what we knew is lost to us forever (this isn't just a random comment, most civilisations suufered the same fate when one religion was superceeded by another). And knowing humanity as we do, we must know where we came from before we know where we're going. 


But I digress. As much as I hate - and indeed mourn the loss of knowledge - the perversion of the Old Ways, or the sacking of the temples at Alexandria or the burning of the Great Library at Ninevah where so much of who we are was lost, we must still move on as a species. 


I know of nothing that makes me happier (apart from the husband lol) than spending a whole day digging through old documents, poring over old maps, tracking back over and over again pieces of information that then have to be stored and noted and verified by three other independant sources before we can include it as a certain. The internet is a vast library of knowledge (although admittedly I probably also spend waaaaay too much time looking at lolcats), through which we can find so much which would otherwise be lost to us - the Domesday Book, the Encyclopaedia Mythica, access to ancient manuscripts and strange stories from centuries before, fragile maps that have been catalogued before they disintergrate completely, anomalous archaeology, the Norse Sagas and tales of the Celtic Druids (although the faith as a whole appears to be vastly bastardised by most of those who claim themselves to be so. Very few now follow the Old Ways), the history of huge battles that left a mark on the landscape and the tiny skirmishes that rarely get a mention as they weren't big enough to warrant one, the languages, the colloquialisms and phonetic changes that causes the language root to be altered bit by bit until it changes completely into a new language...


We are so much more than we realise. Until we start looking at our past and where we came from on a genetic level, we'll never understand that. And in some ways, that's the worst part of all. We were warriors, we were healers and fighters and lovers and wise and strong and had a strength of character all our own. We built vast monuments, carved in stone and wood and were craftsmen and extremely skilled at boatbuilding and weaponsmithing and at celebrating just who we were. 


Just as a thought for the day: Who are we now? 

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