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Some articles and scientific studies you might be interested in reading. Topics covered include history, archaeology, the paranormal, science, etc so if we think it may be worth adding, we do so. 


If you have any articles that you have written or read that you think would be appropriate to put here, please contact us. These are constantly being updated so please check back often.


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How To Train Your Mind To Think Critically.


A Ghost In The Machine.


World Health Organisation: Electromagnetic Fields.

Excellent resource, and well worth a read!


When Spells Worked Magic: Uncanny Archaeology.


Ghost Hunting Tools of the Trade.


Orbs: The Ghost In The Camera.


Illusion Device Conjures "Ghosts".


Ghost Images Caused by Multiple Reflections Inside Optical System.


Science Education is no Guarantee of Skepticism.

Excellent article, well worth reading.


Photonics, Ghosts and Orbs.


Early Humans Saw Black Hole Light in the Night Sky.


Can Humans Spontaneously Combust?


Mind Games: From Ancient Greece to Schrödinger's Cat.


New State of Consciousness Found.


Spark of Activity from Flatlining Brain.


Life Coming From Space.

UPDATE: Claims met with scepticism by scientific fields.


Ancient Stonehenge Road Found.


Spiderwebs Electrostatically Charge Webs 

I have to wonder, would this have any bearing in a location with an abundance of webs and an investigative team bearing sensitive EMR-detecting equipment?)


Cosmic "Poltergeist" Messed Up Milky Way.


Paranormal Beliefs Linked To Brain Chemistry.


Paranormal Photography Goes Digital.

Excellent reading, and includes a gallery of the most commonly seen anomalies and how they're produced.


Lessons From The Fringe.


Is This Evidence We Can See The Future?

Sister article to the above, an alternative viewpoint.


If you're interested in the human brain and would like to know more about how and why it works, this is a great article.


A Field Guide To Bullshit.

I disagree with some of what he says but it's a good article nonetheless, very well written. 

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