Conjectures and Hypotheses

There are two sets of Hypotheses that we are aware of, although in the strictest sense these are more conjectures than working hypotheses. Our work towards our own conjectures can be found under "Current SBR" (Science-Based Research).


The first can be found under Current SBR and our own is included with them. 


The second may be found under Invalid SBR and while there is nothing wrong with them per se, they do pre-suppose that there is evidence for ghosts and other phenomena which is currently a fallacy since the evidence needed to ensure an idea becomes a working hypothesis is lacking.


There are natural phenomena to take into account before anything even remotely viewed as paranormal could possibly be considered. As there is such a long - and by no means exhaustive - list, we will be adding these as time goes on.


We are also working to put all details of our conjectures and studies on this website so at any time, these can be peer reviewed or queried as per the usual scientific process. Again, this may take some time so please bear with us. 

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