We use many different types of equipment depending on quite a few factors. These are just a few of them. However, we do not and will not use KII meters, spirit boxes, EMF meters, Ovilus or any other so-called "paranormal" equipment (including crystals, tarot cards, dowsing rods, etc). 

Digital Cameras

This is used:

- to document room layouts (for choosing control rooms, HQ, and identification of toilets and fire exits/extinguishers for safety brief);

 - for static and dynamic risk assessments and fire  evacuation plan; 

- to produce movement plans (for elimination later of any anomalous sounds and to ensure adequate breaks);

                                                                                  - reference pictures for eliminating anomalous sounds                                                                                         found after reviewing recorded data.


This is used:

- to record all SPRO members and guests present at investigations at all times (used to explain any anomalous sounds which may be caused by conscious or unconscious movement or natural state such as breathing and cross-referenced with sound recorders);

- to monitor outside of Control Room for entire length of investigation to ensure non-contamination of controls by human or animal means;

- for training purposes.

Digital Sound Recorders

This is used:

- to record an initial walk-round of the property while photographs are taken so first impressions, safety issues, hazards and any other considerations are recorded for later use;

Temperature Sensors

Barometric Pressure Sensors


Wire, Pipe and Stud Detector


Ordnance Survey and Other Maps


G.H.O.S.T. Topsite