Links will be with sites that we have found for science, the paranormal and history or those that we find interesting on a variety of topics.

Worst Paranormal

Originally created to expose teams that post false and misleading information without substantial facts or data to support their claims. Over time, it has evolved and has thus split into a separate community peer review for teams (see below).  Certainly well worth an informative visit in order to make sure you stay away from the fradulent, the fake and the downright dangerous within the paranormal community.


NOTE: Worst Paranormal is for the critique and exposure of fakes, frauds and outright bullshitters in the paranormal community. The below link is for the education and community peer review.


Facebook page can be found here.

Paranormal and Supernatural Claims Review

This is an education and peer review page for the paranormal community. Teams are encouraged to post their own or another team that they feel the community should be aware of and offer a review and critique on, especially teams that claim to be scientific in nature. Peer review is a standard process in any scientific field to uphold the integrity and ensure that the research being conducted is sound.


SPRO has been put forward for peer review so please visit their site to share any insights or views that may help make us a better team.


Their Facebook page can be found here.

James Randi Educational Foundation

Some great resources such as downloadable modules to encourage sceptical thinking and links to e-books, events and grants.


Ever heard of any myths and legends that you've always wondered about? Skeptoid breaks them down and genuinely does a very, very good job of explaining what used to be seen as irrational, supernatural or paranormal stories.

New Scientist.

A site containing all the breaking science news throughout the world. 


An article-based site full of the latest news in many different subjects.

Paranormal Study and Independant Research Organization.

It is the mission of the  Paranormal Study and Independent Research Organization (PSIRO) to recognize and support the encouragement of quality research, critical thinking, and logic in an effort to examine and investigate extraordinary and paranormal type claims. 


We've found this to be a wonderful site full of resources, further education and is certainly well worth a visit.

Encyclopaedia Mythica.

A massive wealth of knowledge here, well worth a read but be prepared to be here for a long time.

Our Curious World.

Excellent resource I've found, particularly the section on photography - including the more historic pictures that others tend to ignore. 

The Spooky Isles

A website dedicated to ghosts, horror and dark history in the UK and Ireland.

Mysterious Britain and Ireland.

Fantastic site about the odd, unusual and truly eccentric things that go to make up our own mysterious island.


The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena is a really good resourceful site - particularly their work on digital anomalies.

Paranormal Database.

Excellent resourceful site for historical reports right up to the present day for big cat or UFO sightings, apparent hauntings and reports of strange occurances. Well worth a read, however there are no references or historical support for their reports so please bear this in mind.


An excellent site with some great resources and links. If you're interested in the paranormal, cryptozoology or anything slightly bizarre and unusual, take a look. However, make sure you view them through slightly more skeptical eyes...anecdotes abound here. 


Cracking site full of a huge number of databases on all aspects of the paranormal and beyond.

G.H.O.S.T. Topsite