If you'd like to join us, the pre-requisites are that you are over 18, that you enjoy researching, science or history, or have an interest in the paranormal or ancient spirituality. That's it - apart from a great sense of humour and healthy dose of skepticism. All our team members are also background checked as we'll be entering people's homes and businesses and must be sure of not only complete discretion but also that any children and belongings are safe.


Please be aware that if you do join us, you will not be able to come on a private residential investigation until you have paid for and we have received your DBS check. This is a minimal cost but ensures full peace of mind for those asking us to visit.


We offer all members progressive education and training in relevant science (including palynology, basic psychology and physics among others), historical research and application of critical thinking and changes in spiritual beliefs over time, use and understanding of equipment and many other aspects surrounding this area.


We also have social events because we feel it's a great team-building exercise to get together just to have a laugh and bit of fun. It's a very social hobby so coherence within the team is key.


If you're interested, please contact us

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