Photographic Database

This section will be dedicated solely to photographic images to show just why cameras - digital or otherwise - cannot be trusted when it comes to claiming that it is that of a ghost, spirit, demon or any other entity you'd like to make up that no actual evidence has been found of.


We aren't going to re-educate you on cameras and how they work, as many other sites have already done that. The one at the Paranormal Study and Independant Research Organisation (PSIRO) is phenomenal, can be found here and is definitely worth a look.


Another excellent page to visit and spend some time reading is the site for the Digital Photography School. Their page with links to articles about exposure, ISO and other details makes for invaluable reading and can be found here.


Instead, this section will have various different photographs from experiments we have ourselves done in order to educate ourselves on what can be found or photographed and how to identify the causes. This includes lens flare, airborne particles, shadows, insects, meteorological circumstances and outright fakes (including phone or android apps). We personally do not count any anomalies identifed on photographs as evidence for the paranormal, and more can be read on the Equipment section here.


This gallery will be under constant construction so check back often. 

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