Investigative Resources

This is the page we'll be putting up some of the resources we use prior to a visit to a location for an investigation. The list here is not exhaustive, and we'll be adding further resources as we go on.


Click on any of the pictures and it will be able to be viewed full-size.


If you have a link or resource you think would be of use, please drop us a line and we'll add it here.


Weather Warnings.

Weather warnings




Geological, Geomagnetic and Hydrogeological.

Viewable mapping for Hydrogeological maps from the British Geological Survey can be found here.


A national (UK) register and viewable map of boreholes, wells and shafts can be viewed here.


A directory of mines and quarries can be found here.


The Mineral Reconnaisance Programme was completed in 1997 and holds details of UK geological, geochemical and geomagnetic anomalies for mining and other purposes  and can be accessed here


Mineral resource maps can be accessed here.

Health and Safety.

Needed to ensure sanity reigns supreme...
Needed to ensure sanity reigns supreme...
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